Dead By 25; where the world comes to watch itself die.

Sarcasm, criticism, ranting, and debating runs rampant here. Watch your step.

Dead By 25
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Welcome to Dead By 25, where the world comes to watch itself die. We are all about opinions. Anti America. Anti abortion. Pro life, pro gay rights, anti gay rights... anything that is a controversial issue.

You can come here to rant, rave, look for a debate, look for advice, or just share an opinion and ask questions.


No picking fights. AKA: just because you ahd a bad day or because you are naturally a pessimist does not mean you can come here and bug the hell out of everyone by ranting at anyone who shares an opinion. If I find you doing that, you will be suspended from the communtiy. Otherwise stated, your ass is grass.

No pointess entries. We dont care about what color your nails are, about how hott some guy or girl is, or about what you had for dinner. We don't want to hear about your day. We dont want to hear "Gay is bad." IF you are going to write something, please, please, make it have some substance. If it doesnt, i will delete your entry, and give you a warning. If you do it agian, you are out of here.

Don't share an opinion with little to no knowledge behind it and call it fact. If you want to post something cliche and blantantly stupid, put it in your own journal. No one else wants to hear it. So anything like "OMG WICCANS BURN BLACK CATS AND DRINK BLOOD" or "IF YOU HAVE BLACK HAIR YOU ARE A GOTHIC!11!!1!!1!!" does not belong here. They are just wrong, they have no fact. Now, if you are really truly ignorant, then ask us, dont tell us. Ask if these people really are what you think. The penalties are the same as theo nes for pointless entries; deleted, warning, second offense is a disband.

Okay well thats all. I hope you sincerely have a... well, a learning expirience here. Feel free to advertise to friends, or on websites, AS LONG AS IT IS ALLOWED AND NOT CONSIDERED SPAMMING!! We dont want that. It ruins our rep.