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Thursday, April 28th, 2005
4:25 pm

I am a 20 year old bisexual female from the state of Indiana in the United States. I receive newletters from the Human Rights Campaign and was recently informed of a bill introduced to the U.S. Congress that would repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy currently enforced among homosexuals in the United States Military. Basically, any known homosexual will be prevented from joining the military or discharged from the military simply because they are gay. This new bill, called the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, would do away with "don't ask, don't tell" and institute complete tolerance of homosexuals in the military.

I wrote to my state representative, voicing my opinion on the bill, and asking him to support it. My request was denied. Apparently, my congressman believes that "homosexual activity is prejudicial to the good order and discipline of the armed services. For that reason, [he] oppose[s] any efforts that would allow known homosexuals to enter into or continue service in the military."

Now, I'm not a naive person, and I did not expect miracles. But I do believe that this world is gradually changing. As homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people are being more open about their sexuality, we are starting to be accepted for who and what we are. Change will not happen in a day... it may not even happen in a decade.

However, we need to let our voices be heard now, so that we can start changing the future one person at a time. For this reason, I'm asking you, whoever you are, wherever you're from, and whatever your sexuality is, to write to the United States Congress in support of this bill. It may not be passed and made into law, but at least we will let the U.S. government know that gay, bi, and transgender people everywhere are willing to stand up for their rights.

If you've gotten this far, thank you for reading, and please show your support for all homosexuals in the military by writing a letter today.

Megan LeRoy

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Friday, January 7th, 2005
10:57 pm
black_roses_die hi, im new. just wanted to share my views... im pro-life&pro-gay rights.i will strongly debate these issues and many more... such as the current war and the government... i also like to debate history. i just plain like to debate. so...yeah.
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Wednesday, March 31st, 2004
5:58 pm

gay ppl r icky.

matt shepard wuz cute but got wat he dserved.
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Friday, November 28th, 2003
5:16 pm - Follow-up to Smart post

Other's Opinion: I think another aspect of this whole thing is what will happen when the country moves on to something else and Elizabeth is no longer getting media attention. She is probably begining to think this is the norm, but it isn't. Eventually she will be left (relatively) alone and will then have to try to find ways to truely deal with the terrible thing that happened to her. She hasn't been allowed time to do this in a "normal" way. I do believe she is as brave as they say she is, but the bottem line is this: she is a young girl that was thrust into an unthinkable situation that no one can really understand. We are curious because we have no idea what she went through. But she is reeling from her own personal hell and this rush of attention HAS to be confusing for her.

Comment: Bravo, bravo. This is wonderful, and I agree with you totally. This attention is bound to affect the way she deals with the horrible thing that happened to her.

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
3:40 pm - It's so amusing, how quiant life can be...

My Opinion: Anything for money. These networks are exploting this girl's nightmare. Yeah, i under stand the public attention and the overly-done pity, but now they are making this into a movie. For money. They are making money off of Smart's pain and suffering. AND THE FAMILY IS LETTING THEM. Don't you think this is what the abductors wanted, maybe? Attention? This is a fucking media frenzy, and its hard enough for someone to deal with something like this that they expirienced first hand, but now so many people have been drawn into it its just.... disgusting.

Elisabeth Smart Interview: Helpful or Hurtful?Collapse )

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Monday, October 27th, 2003
10:21 pm - Muahaha. Current news, from Seattle, WA, relating to our last topic.

To see the link, click here.

To see the article while still on LJ, click here.Collapse )

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Sunday, October 26th, 2003
7:48 pm - First Topic:

Since Gay Marriage, Abortion, and such are all relatively well argued topics, i am going to start with something obscure...

Police Violence; Is it right for police to beat and even kill a suspected criminal?

My Thoughts: There are videos, reports, and court trials all about police battery. Cops have been persecuted because they beat on blacks, asians, mexicans, gays, bums... all were suspected criminals. Some even were. But does that mean they have the right to beat someone to within an inch of their life? I understand self defense, but sometimes it goes a little too far. Lots of these police-beatings are hate crimes disguised as law.

Your Thoughts: I will sometimes pick a good rant and or rave and post it in an entry in the future, hotlinking it to the original topic. You get picked, you get a banner to but in your journal. Cheap, but effecient. So bear your souls, and bitch away, but remember the rules.

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Monday, October 20th, 2003
6:46 am

Hmm if I am to advertise it'd be best to you some sort of sign. Would it be okay if I made a few signs? I'll show them to you before I start posting them around. k?
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Sunday, October 19th, 2003
9:33 pm - Welcome, oh enlightened ones.

Welcome to Dead By 25. I am your community's mistress, demonessn. Advertise, advertise, advertise! This is just starting, and we desperately need to get the word out.

I mean, if a cult dedicated to some random guy can start up and have more than 3 members, why the hell can't we?

Anyway. Please read the rules. In the info page. I'm betting you're smart enough to figure that out. Oh, and, by the way, I can be a nasty little bitch, so if you break them... well... you're screwed. No getting out of it. Sorry.

In the future when there are more members, there will be interesting little things like weekly or monthly debates, random opinion of the moments, and other tidbits of uncannily well-placed information.

For suggestions, comments, or questions, please contact me at:

AIM: VvVPinaColadaVvV
Email: andiness_person@hotmail.com
Yahoo: cheshiresbrokendreams

Do not add me to your buddy list looking for idly chit chat. I have better things to do with my time. Suggestions, comments and questions ONLY. Thanks.

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