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Follow-up to Smart post

Other's Opinion: I think another aspect of this whole thing is what will happen when the country moves on to something else and Elizabeth is no longer getting media attention. She is probably begining to think this is the norm, but it isn't. Eventually she will be left (relatively) alone and will then have to try to find ways to truely deal with the terrible thing that happened to her. She hasn't been allowed time to do this in a "normal" way. I do believe she is as brave as they say she is, but the bottem line is this: she is a young girl that was thrust into an unthinkable situation that no one can really understand. We are curious because we have no idea what she went through. But she is reeling from her own personal hell and this rush of attention HAS to be confusing for her.

Comment: Bravo, bravo. This is wonderful, and I agree with you totally. This attention is bound to affect the way she deals with the horrible thing that happened to her.
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