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First Topic:

Since Gay Marriage, Abortion, and such are all relatively well argued topics, i am going to start with something obscure...

Police Violence; Is it right for police to beat and even kill a suspected criminal?

My Thoughts: There are videos, reports, and court trials all about police battery. Cops have been persecuted because they beat on blacks, asians, mexicans, gays, bums... all were suspected criminals. Some even were. But does that mean they have the right to beat someone to within an inch of their life? I understand self defense, but sometimes it goes a little too far. Lots of these police-beatings are hate crimes disguised as law.

Your Thoughts: I will sometimes pick a good rant and or rave and post it in an entry in the future, hotlinking it to the original topic. You get picked, you get a banner to but in your journal. Cheap, but effecient. So bear your souls, and bitch away, but remember the rules.
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